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Skin Diseases

Q : What causes Pimples?

A : Pimples (Acne) are mainly a adolescent problem, due to hormonal changes in the body. Along with that dirt, dust , pollution, environmental , lifestyle changes and dietary changes also play a role. Acne can be affected by the menstrual cycle, anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, oil based makeup, greasy hair and pimple squeezing.

Q : What are the types of acne?

A : Types of pimples include whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules & cyst.

Q : Are there any complications of Pimples?

A : There can be various complications ranging from pigmentation, marks, scars, darkening of face etc.

Q : What is the treatment for Pimples?

A : Treatment ranges from topical application for mild to moderate acne, a combination of creams & oral tablets for severe acne.

Q : What is the treatment of post acne scar?

A : Scars after acne can be treated with dermabrasion, microneedling therapy, fractional lasers. Usually multiple sittings are required , 3-6 in no., depending upon duration of scar, type & depth of scar. I have personally seen best results microneedling therapy.

Q : I have a wart in the corner of my left eye since birth… But now day after day it will gradually increase… And also have some wart in my face and neck.. I had been eaten homeopathic medicine for long periods but it will never changes… can I remove it now.

A : Wart are viral in nature n infectious, so better to remove it as soon as possible. Either cautery or laser are used. It is a one-time procedure with no downtime and complications. Regards. Dr Anshul Jain

Q : Dry flakes on body in circle, on head it’s like dandruff they are also in circles.nails hve became dry and fingers skin hve became very dry.i hve used many medicine but of no use .Its been a year.plz suggests some nice medicine

A : it seems like dermatophyte infection or fungal infection. It is communicable, spreads through contact. Keep yourself clean, do not share your towel or soaps with anyone. Sweating and hot, humid climate are favorable factors for its growth. Visit a qualified dermatologist near you. Presently, this has to be treated aggressively to avoid recurrences. Regards, Dr. Anshul Jain. Nagpur

Q : I am suffering from lip darkening almost from 1 year.It feels really embarrassing for me.Please help me out from this problem.

A : Are you using any cosmetics ? Using cosmetics on a long run causes lip hyperpigmentation. Use a good fragrance-free lip moisturizer and lip balm. Some chemical peels or q-switch Nd:Yag laser will work good. Would you have any query, please feel free to contact. Regards, Dr. Anshul Jain

Q : My hand nails are half white and half red from more than one months. I am not on any medication. I am also not a regular drinker but I do smoke but not a heavy smoker. Please help me why this is happening.

A : It could be due to cold or raynuad ‘s phenomenon. Show a qualified dermatologist near you.

Q : My aunt has this problem of psoriasis since long time now..tried homeopathic and allopathy and best dermtologists in Bhopal but it doest go away nd now a days it has inçreased, pls suggest some effective treatment or remedy

A : Psoriasis is an autoimmune, chronic disorder which is totally controllable with medicines to begin with then to be maintained with some creams. It is to be taken under a doctors supervision. Do consult a good qualified dermatologist. Apply coconut oil before bath and night time.

Q : The problem is diagnosed by a dermatologist and I’ve got scabies. The treatment has just started but the itchiness becomes more intense at night and thus, I have sleepless nights.

A : The presentation could point towards an infection like scabies which is caused by an itch mite. Meet a Dermatologist for better understanding of your current scenario and appropriate treatment approach. You can consider having OTC anti-allergic medications for symptom relief. Many a times other members of the family also need treatment to prevent relapses and can be best decide by your dermatologist.

Q : I had fungal infections in my groin area for few month it was very itchy and scaly ..after using some antifungal treatment with otc and dusting powder itch is gone and skin is not scaly but skin discoloration is present there .. so is it cured..what should be the next step i should take

A : Fungal infections are very rampant now a days, and recurrence is very common. Avoid hot humid environment, take bath twice daily, do not share your towels and soaps etc. Do visit a qualified dermatologist near you for further management.

Q : White rough patches has been developed around teaticle sack and skin is also red around that area. I feel to itch but it also hurts a little. Some red pimple kind dots are also appearing on area between thighs and sack. I have to walk so that sacka do not tough thighs. Then onky i feel comfortable in walking. Kindky, help me or tell me what kind a doctor i nees to visit. Currently am using suthol and soframycin to get a bit relief. But no relief in general.
Skin is rough alonh that area and feels as if skin is teared up.

A : You seems to be having fungal infection. Visit a qualified dermatologist. Avoid suthol application ,it might cause burn, darkening and irritation.

Q : My marriage is fix and now m worried about my skin colour (dark) can I use skin whitening pills is it safe or not because I don’t want use any cream

A : Usually skin whitening tablets takes time to act, so the results becomes visible after 3-5 months, and the tablets are to be taken under a Dermatologist supervision as they have to be monitored. If you do not want any creams for Skin whitening, you may opt for various treatments/procedures, which give better results in a week time only without any side effects and are much cheaper than the skin whitening tablets. If you have any query , feel free to contact me. Regards, Dr Anshul Jain, Nagpur.

Q : Can tomatoes lighten or even out skin tone and can it be applied everyday. What should be the duration of application of tomatoes for even tone complexion.

A : Tomato is acidic in nature, so its better to avoid daily application. you can apply it once in a week. Usually it makes the skin soft, not much result is seen skintone. As its acidic in nature ,it may cause irritation if applied for more duration. Its better to consult a Qualified Dermatologist so He/She would advise you the best creams and procedures foe skintone lightening.

Q : Can tomatoes lighten or even out skin tone and can it be applied everyday. What should be the duration of application of tomatoes for even tone complexion.

A : Tomato is acidic in nature, so its better to avoid daily application. you can apply it once in a week. Usually it makes the skin soft, not much result is seen skintone. As its acidic in nature ,it may cause irritation if applied for more duration. Its better to consult a Qualified Dermatologist so He/She would advise you the best creams and procedures foe skintone lightening.

Q : My skin color is changing from fair to dark on entire body.Tan is not the main reason as my inner body tone is also turing darker day by day.Can you please tell me what could be the problem

A : If whole of your body color is becoming darker, then it’s some systemic disease like hypothyroid, addison’s ds or PCOS. Do visit a dermatologist near you for correct diagnosis and treatment

Q : I am facing eruption of pimples on my back from neck to hip and shoulders and also on belly area. I am facing this issue since last 3 4 years. Pimple erupt and then ot sat off and leaves a dark black scar. I consulted dermatologist and he prescribed me Tretiva 25, Lacsoft lotion and litearm lotion. Both the lotions are unavailable in market. Please suggest me a treatment. Please find the attached pic for your reference.

A : You are suffering from Acne vulgaris along with Folliculitis. Both the conditions are interrelated. The medicine given is correct with few additions, you may contact the dermatologist and ask him regarding where to get the medicines.Try to reduce your weight, avoid oily and spicy food, decrease the intake of chocolates and milk products for proper management of acne as these all things also attribute to it.

Q : Hi, from past 5 months I m getting pimples and face become dull and oily… I observed that skin is very oily due to riding the bike or climate.. these pimples or infection passing all over in the face.

A : Ya you are right pimples mainly occur in oily skin and it increases with dirt, dust pollution etc. Environmental, lifestyle and dietary modifications also play a role in it. It is better to use a face wash having salicylic acid and do apply a water based sunscreen regularly. Do visit a qualified dermatologist near you for treatment and early resolution of pimples.

Q : I have acne scars in cheeks. I want to get rid of those. is laser treatment a permanent solution for scar removing. is that safe and how much will it cost.

A : Laser acne scar treatment is a permanent , safe n very effective way of treating acne scars. You might notice slight redness after the procedure, which may last for 3-6 days depending on your skin, sun-protection used and the type of laser machine. Visit a qualified dermatologist near you. He/She will be the best to guide you regarding expenditure and prescribing sunscreen suitable for your skin type and tecture.

Q : I have white skin. I think it was vitiligo . Once i consulted a doctor and he was prescribed me MELGAIN. And it is too costly. I want a another prescription

A : As there is no photos , i wouldn’t be able to tell the exact diagnosis. As you said melgain was prescribed to you, so it could be vitiligo or leucoderma or nevus achromicus. Please visit a dermatologist for its management. There are various treatment modalities available which are cost effective.

Q : My friend is having red spots on his thighs started a month ago. It is about 3-5 in number and 1-2spots faded away after 10-15 days it is painless and non itchy. What could be this condition?

A : Seems like folliculitis. Visit a qualified dermatologist near you. It is infection of hair root, has to be treated with oral and topical medications.

Q : I went for trek where a thorn of some plant punched in my hand. I couldn’t pull it out. Since then that place has become black rounded one. I have some pain not much. I saw a doctor he said nothing will happen and it will come out automatically with pass. But it’s been almost 2 weeks and nothing is happening. I need some guidance.

A : If the thorn is there, it has to be removed soon by a minor surgical procedure of hardly 15-20 mins. Otherwise you are developing an inflammatory reaction with that on your hand.

Q : I have nail infection which is growing continuesly after taking medicine also.please help me on this

A : Nail infection can be prolonged and resistant to certain anti fungals. Please see a qualified dermatologist. The nail fungal infection may need confirmation with nail clippings. Sometimes nail dystrophy due to other causes may mimic fungal infection. If it’s a fungal infection for sure, you may need upto six months of treatment.