Know Everything About Yellow Peel Treatment

Know Everything About Yellow Peel Treatment

With age the inevitable age spots, pigmentation marks and rough texture begin to show on face and body. And as years pass, they become worse and more visible.One of the recent and significant options to treat these conditions is Yellow Peel. In a short duration of time Yellow Peel is being accepted and considered as significant reversal remedy against dark spots and hyperpigmentation which may develop owing to scars, exposure or excess exposure to sun, and ageing amid other factors.

This is not the same as chemical peel treatment. Nevertheless it boasts of all the benefits of a chemical peel. The Yellow peel is considered safe for all skin types. However, different body areas may take different durations to heal and begin to look normal, flawless, and nourished.

Where Can I Get Yellow Peel Treatment?

Yellow Peel treatment is available in all the major cities in India. The clinics where these facilities are offered are also sometimes referred to as body renewal clinics

What does it constitute?

It is an advanced treatment involving three-phase medical peel treatment which can be availed by men as well as women irrespective of their skin type.

Which Body Parts Can Benefit From Yellow Peel

With Yellow Peel you can treat post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, uneven texture on face as well as other body parts such as the elbows, knees and legs. It also helps to deal with acne and sun damaged areas.

When is This Treatment Recommended?

One normally visits the cosmetologist or doctor to get information about or start this treatment when normal treatments for damaged skin have not produced the desired results.

Standard Treatment Procedure

When you visit a consultant or doctor, post examining your skin and understanding your history, your doctor will prescribe the Yellow peel treatment for you. As a patient, you’ll need to prepare your skin by following an appropriate skin care routine prescribed by your doctor, which may involve application of pigmentation inhibiting products recommended by their doctor. Patient may also be asked to stop using products that contain Retinol and Vitamin-A, a few days before starting the treatment. If patient is using Roaccutaine, it should be stopped 6 months prior to starting the treatment. Doctor may ask you to avoid sun exposure a fortnight prior to the treatment.

Benefits of Yellow Peel

Yellow Peel treatment impacts skin’s microcirculation. Oxygen supply to the skin improves, and once it starts to receive its supply of nourishing elements, skin appears improved.AsYellow Peel improves water retention capacity of skin, it makes the skin firm and tight, reduces visibility of wrinkles & acne, and improves texture. Post treatment your consultant may ask you to avoid exposure to sun for at least a fortnight. You will be asked to apply the sun screen with SPF recommended by consultant.

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