How to keep pimples at bay this summer

How to keep pimples at bay this summer

Summer is a very harsh season for your skin. During this season, the skin is more likely to be exposed to direct sun and come in contact with the environment that’s not always healthy. All this heat intensifies our skin’s oil production, leading to clogging of pores with dirt & pollutants in the atmosphere. This is the reason for a more severe breakout of pimples for some during the summer months.

In this post we shall discuss the tips approved by experts to protect our face from breaking out during summer months. We’ll learn how we can prevent pimples; get a healthy-looking skin with natural glow which you can show off instead of hiding indoors or behind layers of makeup.

If you have a pimple breakout problem, more so during summers, I’d advise you to go see a dermatologist. It’s the safest and surest way to find a solution that will work far better than any beauty hack you may have in mind. A skin specialist examining your skin and suggesting treatment or repair solutions is far beyond superficial remedies without evidence that you’ve been relentlessly trying for years. A cosmetologist or dermatologist should be your go-to person if you suffer pimple problem in the summers.

The standard steps you can incorporate in your skin care routine to prevent and heal pimples are:
To choose sunscreen with right SPF, use astringent, wash your face often & apply light moisturizer each time, avoid heavy make-up and many such things. However the most effective remedy that will help you keeps pimples at bay during summer lies with dermatologist who can examine your skin and recommend a solution based on what will work best on your skin type. A professional will set medication, applications, to diet and therapies in proper order for you to derive the most effective benefits and enjoy the confidence that comes with great looking and well-nourished skin.

Dermatologist Vs Home Remedies

It is a wise step to go see a dermatologist instead of driving yourself insane by doing all sorts of home remedies and trusting and following advice of people who haven’t experienced what you’re undergoing. Following routines without verifying facts wastes your time and results in nothing worthy. You also end up spending on expensive products which after an application or two remain lying in your cupboard holding space. Until they become outdated you neither throw them nor have the motivation to use them.

Home Remedies are Great Too!

With this I don’t mean to downgrade home remedies. Home remedies are here to stay and your dermatologist also will recommend home remedy routines once your problem is arrested and in control and when it is time to maintain skin. But there is a time for it. Therefore, don’t blindly follow hearsay home remedies or internet tutorials and treatments. If you’ve been facing eruption of pimples during summer months, just see dermatologist. It makes perfect and best sense.

Internet Tutorials, Treatments Vs Dermatologist

We all tend to look for solutions for everything online. And there are times when we find our answers too. But when it comes to skin treatment, it is a big risk you’re taking. There is no comparison between seeing a dermatologist and visiting an internet tutorial! YouTube tutorials are good entertainment but to take them seriously to get rid of a serious skin problem, which if gone awry can damage and destroy your skin and take years to repair is not a good idea!

A dermatologist studies the fabric of your skin, your lifestyle, and many other aspects to identify cause of problem. Based on it, she develops a treatment plan and ensures that it can fit with your routine and lifestyle which you can follow. Dermatologist physically examines your skin and makes a note. In once sentence – the relief & confidence you feel after having seen a dermatologist is not comparable with watching an online tutorial.
So, if you or someone you know suffers from pimples during summers and you want to treat the problem, go see a professional to repair the problem!

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